Moving Into Our New House

October 27, 2011

House for Sale Apex Holly Springs Raleigh

Front View Of New House

Yay!!!  We were so EXCITED about our new adventure of owning our first home.  We couldn’t believe moving day was finally here!  Boy was it hectic too!!  We hope you will feel the same thrill and excitement of owning this beautiful home located in a great area in Holly Springs/Apex!  We felt the house hunt was really over when we walked into this house for the first time!!  It was such an awesome match!  There were no other houses in this price range, awesome location, no HOA, and not in a subdivision.  Most importantly, it was not an older home.  We really wanted a newer home.  We didn’t want the hassle of having to renovate it.  It was move in ready!  So let the first day begin….

It is amazing when moving out of a tiny 1-bedroom apartment into a big beautiful home filled with over 2400 square feet of space how you feel you can really breathe and take it all in.  It is so nice to be able to own your own home and to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment!!  Yay we are finally homeowners!!!  We thought to ourselves, “We finally can end the house hunting now!!”  ”We are finally truly homeowners!!”

It was late November when we finally got the keys to our new place.  We pulled up the long driveway in our oversized U-Haul!  Who knew we could have so much stuff in a 1-bedroom apartment!!  Now there was room to spread all of our belongings out and let them breathe!  There is nothing like all the emotions you experience when knowing this house is really ours!  There was nothing like the smell of fresh paint on the walls when we opened the door for the first time!

House for Sale Apex Holly Springs Raleigh

Back View Of New House

We couldn’t wait to get the truck all unloaded and start the journey of our lives!!  We hope you feel ecstatic when this house becomes your amazing home!!   Hopefully, the house hunting will end for you too!!!  After unloading the truck, it looked like our formal living room area became our apartment again with all of the boxes piled up!!  It was quite a workout!!  It took hours and hours to unload the truck, but when it was all said and done it felt great!!  It was also an awesome process going through our boxes and finding “homes” for everything!

House for Sale Apex Holly Springs Raleigh

Kitchen Before Fridge

Then during the next couple of days after moving in we had to start the hunt for our new appliances!!  That was a whole other journey in itself.  Luckily for you, the new homeowner/homeowners, we are going to leave you all of the appliances in the kitchen including the stainless steel refrigerator!!


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